A yelldesign original series


Everything you see is made from paper.
Except for the hands ;)

The idea

We thought it would fun to make a complete meal from start to finish, using only paper.

Papermeal is a project developed by the creative group at yelldesign - an animation studio in Melbourne, Australia that specialises in stop-motion.
We see a lot of designs featuring beautiful still images of food created from various materials. We had never seen a full scale recipe made completely of paper, and used this as our starting point.

After many lunchtime discussions, we used our quirky animation style to elevate these everyday recipes into surreal and colourful works of art.

The Creative Team

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Za Vin Aw
Work Experience Student

Za Vin was yelldesign's first work experience student. Specialising in papercrafted elements, Za Vin has created some of the studio's most intricate props. Za Vin now holds a holiday position with the creative group, and is a welcome addition to the team.
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Steve Yani
Intern > Casual Production Assistant

Steve Yani interned with yelldesign for 3 months while completing a mixed media degree. Steve's attention to detail and passion for high quality craft complement his totally awesome skateboarding skills
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Jesse Fitzmaurice

Known locally as ‘The Wolf’, Jesse fixes anything the rest of the team can’t manage. A deep thinker, fascinated with the peculiarities of life, Jesse is a fastidious animator and captivating storyteller.
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Toddy Watts

Some of the cleanest hands in the business, technically flawless, fashionable, and upbeat. Toddy was responsible for making many of the showpiece props including the pixel perfect laptop, and the simply stunning prawns.
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Magda Ksiezak
Senior Designer

Senior designer and celebrated papercraft legend, Magda’s design sense permeates the group and her papercraft expertise continually raises the bar. Magda also created the Papermeal brand and logo.
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Orla McEvoy
Studio Assistant

One of the hardest working pre-prod members of the team. Orla’s growing stable of props is as impressive as it is diverse. Since Orla mastered the dodecahedron she hasn’t looked back.
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Andy Woithe
Senior Animator

Former candy-maker and glass-blower, Andy is another perfectionist whose talents run from designing/building props to shooting and post production. Audio is one of Andy’s major strengths, the backing tracks and foley sounds play a critical role in Papermeal’s success.
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Matt Willis
Creative Director

Bad at timesheets, good with broad strategy. Matt was responsible for assembling this colourful mob. He loves buffalo mozzarella and prefers colourful things. Probably the best person to chat to if you need more info ;) matt@yelldesign.com
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Elliot Forbes Gannon
Studio Hand

Professionally known as ‘Meat Sauce’, Elliot has the perfect stage name for Papermeal. Stepping out of his regular world of high-concept art, Meat Sauce tamed the laser-cutter on his first day, producing a variety of excruciatingly detailed props.